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Αντλίες Χαμηλού Κενού 1000 - 0,1mbar, Περιστροφικές Αντλίες UnoLine Series

Rugged Rotary Vane Pump. For Harshest Industrial Use.
The UnoLine Plus is an optimum solution for industrial applications. This rotary vane pump has a proven track record as both a stand-alone pump and as a backing pump for Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots pumps.
This is a water-cooled pump that is extremely resistant to dust and dirt. It is equipped with an oil regeneration system. This enables condensate, dirt and dust particles to be removed from the operating fluid, collected in the vapour separator and then drained. The adjustable cooling water regulating valve keeps the UnoLine Plus at the required operating temperature. The pumps are equipped with a gas ballast system for pumping off vapours.
The Workhorse for Industrial Vacuum Applications.
Rugged and long-lasting
Resistant to dust and dirt
Bearings located outside pumping cavity
Extremely low speed
Very high water-vapor compatibility
Cooling water controller for ideal temperature control
Transformer drying
Cable drying
Oil recovery
Chemistry and process technology
Single-stage, high-performance rotary vane pump with a pumping speed of 500 m3/h
3-phase motor for 220-240 V (± 5 %) , 50 Hz or 380-420 V (± 5 %) , 50 Hz supply voltages
Process integrity thanks to integrated gas ballast valve
Without HV safety valve
For low and medium vacuum applications


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