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Αντλίες Χαμηλού Κενού 1000 - 0,1mbar, Multi Stage Roots Pumps ACP G Series

G versions (ACP 15 / ACP 28 / ACP 40)
G version pump is compatible with trace amounts of corrosive gases. Three jets located in the purge line help withstand trace amounts of corrosive chemicals, protect the low and high pressure ball bearings.
For optimal ball bearing protection, the neutral gas pressure must be set to 0.3 bar (relative pressure) according to the flow rate value provided in technical data.
Customer value
Air cooling: no water supply required
Frequency converter: hour meter, remote operation mode (RS-485, dry contacts, Profibus on request),
multiple rotational speed selection (power saving, noise reduction, adaptation to application cycle)
Universal power supply: wide voltage range 50/60 Hz, single-phase and three-phase
Standards: compliance with CE standards, UL/CSA certified, SEMI S2 certified
Product description
Dry multi-stage Roots technology, G versions, ACP pumps with a pumping speed of max. 40 m3/h
No particle contamination, thanks to frictionless design: no wearing parts in the pumped gases path
No hydrocarbon vapors backstreaming: ACP series pumps are free of lubricant inside the pumping module
Constant performances (Pumping speed, max. and ultimate pressure)
High reliability: thanks to our expertise of dry multi-stage Roots pumps since 1988
Low maintenance costs: no annual field service, complete overhaul only every 22000 hours for ACP 28/40
Condensable vapor ability: with gas ballast ports and drainable silencer.
ACP series pumps can handle up to 1000 g/h of pure water vapor.
ACP 15 G with a pumping speed of max. 15 m3/h
ACP 28 G with a pumping speed of max. 28 m3/h
ACP 40 G with a pumping speed of max. 40 m3/h


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