Photonics Actuators

Actuator Mounting System Chart.

Micrometer Heads
Micrometer heads / Travel: 15mm or less, Micrometer heads / Travel: 25mm or more, Differential Micrometer Heads, Nut Drivers, Sub-micron Worm Drive Micrometer Heads, Angled Micrometer Heads.

Differential Micrometer Heads

Fine Pitch Screws
Fine-pitch Screw Adjusters, Pitch : 0.25mm, Pitch : 0.5mm, Hex Wrench with Knob.

Tanslation Stages, Remote Control Mirror Holder, Compact Actuator, 2-Axis Controller.

OptMike with Encoder, OptMike-E (B type) Controllers.

Compact Stepping Motor Actuators.

Remoto Actuator
Remote Actuator, Remote Controller.


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